What is my role as a network participant?

Each participating provider is responsible to:

  • Know the clinical initiatives their specialty is assigned;
  • Review their monthly performance report to confirm their data appears reasonable and consistent;
  • Contact our staff for assistance if targets are not being met or to suggest new, additional or more clinically relevant measures;
  • Work with others in the collaborative to provide high-quality efficient care to populations of patients that are part of inVio Health Network contract agreements.


Our Guiding Principles

Since its inception in 2010, the inVio Health Network, has been partnering with physicians on a system-wide basis to improve the quality and efficiency of care by setting higher performance and quality expectations for its participants.  The Clinical Integration program was built on six guiding principles:

  • We make the patient the focus of all our efforts.
  • We invest the appropriate resources necessary for achieving quality outcomes and efficiency.
  • We provide coordination across the continuum of care.
  • We work as an integrated team, Palmetto Health and its physician partners, to achieve the best results for our patients.
  • We provide the highest value of care for our community.
  • We operate in an ethic of trust, integrity, respect, stewardship, and open communication.


Our Care is Different

We are committed to creating value by improving outcomes for our patients and reducing costs for employers and payers by focusing on prevention, optimal treatment of diseases and coordination of care across the continuum.

Our success depends on a strong culture of committed providers and a comprehensive approach that includes engaging physicians in leadership, addressing clinical quality issues, and providing educational opportunities to improve the clinical pathways we use to care for patients.

Provider Login

inVio Health Network providers can log into the Provider Scorecard to see how they are performing on network metrics.

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